Artist Statement


“To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything.”
–Anatole France (1844-1924)

Growing up in a small town, I had ample opportunity to exercise my imagination. During the thick, slow days of summer, I’d settle into the green shelter of the twin willow trees which framed my family’s backyard and there felt free to imagine, read, write, draw, and dream of living a creative life. In my art, I imagine and dream and hunt for treasures: the spark close to the heart, the inner world which lies deep below the surface.  When wearing my glasses, I see clean lines and minute details. Without my glasses? My extraordinary near-sightedness is in full bloom. I see light and dark. Splotches of color. Shapes. Two very different perspectives of the world, both of which are reflected in my art.

My imagination fuels most of my pictures, although from time to time I’ll jump start a picture by looking at drawings I’ve made or photographs I’ve taken. Sometimes I know how I’m going to start a monotype. More often than not, I start a picture by making marks on a plate then move the ink around until I start to see an image appear. This is the spark which ignites my imagination and brings to the surface the images in my work. When making art, I try to think as little as possible, and go with the flow. The relatively simple medium of monotype and a bit of water-based ink sets me free to travel wherever my imagination may take me and, in turn, gives the gift of a hand printed souvenir of my travels.

For me, art and creativity are the same as food, water, shelter and air: basic necessities for daily living.