Discovering beauty in everyday living

One of my aims this summer is to visit and tour each of the Ten Historic Sites in Portsmouth. Last month during my friend Pam’s visit, Pam and I jump started my aim by visiting the Tobias Lear House and the Wentworth-Gardner House, two historic homes on Mechanic Street in our fair city. I nearly swooned when my eyes caught sight of a most beautiful crocheted spread covering one of the beds in the Wentworth-Gardner House. Simply stunning, as you can see by the close up photo I took after receiving permission to do so from our tour guide. Is this a vintage piece of crochet work? Or is it contemporary crochet which looks vintage? Hmm. I guess I need to stop by the Wentworth-Gardner House again on one of my daily walks and ask the folks there what they can tell me. I sure would love to crochet some pillow covers in this pattern.


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