Gearing up to start printing again

I’ve confirmed with Darlene Furbush Ouellett, a painter/printmaker based in Portsmouth, I’m welcome to start renting her etching press at The Button Factory Artists’ Studios here in Portsmouth. I’ve scheduled two printing sessions: Friday and Monday, Feburary 22 and 25, 2013. I can hardly wait and am chomping at the bit to start printing again after a nearly two year hiatus. (I sold my etching press back to Takach Press Corporation in May of 2011 in anticipation of relocating from Albuquerque.) I’m jazzed to discover what new images appear after nearly two years of introspection, reflection, gestation, big changes, moving from the Southwest to New England, and living nearly eight months on the Seacoast.. These changes are bound to be reflected in my new monotypes. Rock on! And stay tuned.

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