Eight new pieces launch Seacoast Women series


Zerrissenheit (IIa), 2017, by Barbara van Buskirk

“Woman’s life today is tending more and more toward the state William James describes so well in the German word, ‘Zerrissenheit — torn-to-pieces-hood.’ ”

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea, ©1955, pages 55-56


Today I am launching Seacoast Women, my new series of one-of-a-kind monotypes. Over the past three years, Seacoast Women has evolved from direct painting monotypes to monotype collage compositions built up, layer upon layer, using a variety of monotype techniques. The eight pieces entitled Zerrissenheit (torn-to-pieces-hood) begin the Seacoast Women series.

I invite you to click on Galleries then click on Seacoast Women to take a look at the start of this new series.

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